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Latin Pulse - Innovative Marketing Research Solutions

Latin Pulse is a strategic research and marketing firm specializing in identifying brand building insights and new solutions for companies that target Latin consumers in Mexico, the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America and the Caribbean. Latin Pulse is affiliated with the AcuPOLL network and uses its innovative, "state-of-the-art" market research methodologies. We have extensive marketing expertise and an intimate familiarity with the Latino consumer. Our research includes a quantitative, in-depth assessment and predictive test results, which coupled with our experience, enables us to develop creative solutions that will build brand equity and help our clients stay ahead of competition.
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Our unique research methodologies allow us to process information efficiently and accurately. We use two advanced data collection/assessment methods - Central Location Test ("CLT") and Internet. .
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Why Choose Latin Pulse
We use our marketing expertise and proprietary research methodology to discover new insights, provide a fresh perspective and offer actionable strategic recommendations. We are different, professional and responsive. Latin Pulse managers have all been senior marketing executives on the client side, so we know what clients need to keep a competitive edge. Other special features that differentiate Latin Pulse from other market research firms include:
  • Holistic Approach
  • Extensive product portfolio and market research solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Unparalleled speed
  • Accurate projectability
  •  Focus on Emotions
  •  Actionable results

When you choose Latin Pulse, you are assured of professional marketing and research solutions for your brand and/or company.
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Dynamic Product Line of Research Applications
With our holistic approach for identifying innovative brand equity building solutions, Latin Pulse can offer its clients a dynamic product line for marketing research applications. Here is a list of our product and consumer research solutions:

  • Attitudes & Usage: Understand how a market environment influences consumer behavior, attitudes and usage.

  • Market Segmentation: Define the top priority consumer segments and determine the full potential of your target consumer.
  • Insight Generator & ID Manager: Identify high potential consumer insights and determine whether/how they can help strengthen your brand.
  • Concept/Positioning Optimizer:- Assess the trial and brand building potential of new ideas and positioning alternatives.
  • Product Optimizer: Improve your product’s chances for success by measuring the appeal of its core concept idea and projecting its performance against competition.
  • Package Optimizer:- Our package testing techniques will determine the impact of your package, especially its ability to generate trial and emotional appeal with consumers.
  • Ad Optimizer: Good advertising research will measure the communication value (i.e. recall), persuasion (i.e. purchase intent / desire to learn more about the product) and distinctiveness (i.e. new & different). Our strategic communication research techniques provide richer analysis (including the emotional appeal of your ad), projectable results and insightful strategic recommendations.
  • e-Factor: Understand the emotional bond that your marketing initiatives establish with consumers and find out how to strengthen them.
  • Consumer Promotions: Our promotion testing techniques provide a complete value and execution assessment, and will determine the strength of your promotion idea for generating incremental sales.
  • Brand Equity: Assess the full value of your brand and its ability to build consumer preference and loyalty.
  • Brand Elasticity or "Stretch": Latin Pulse brand elasticity testing will tell you how far you can stretch a parent brand for such line/brand extensions without seriously jeopardizing its core value and integrity. It can also identify and prioritize optimal expansion opportunities and quantitatively measure the risks of brand erosion/cannibalization and the net sales gains you can expect.


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