AcuPOLL- a Unique Research  Methodology

We use a proprietary computer-based methodology designed by AcuPoll Precision Research in the U.S. We use two advanced collection methods that allow us to process information efficiently. The method’s selection is based on specific project and client needs.
Data Collection Methodologies Central Location Test (“CLT”) Consumers respond questions related to different stimuli through a computerized keypad providing responses that are monitored by clients and our project leaders in “real time”.

Internet.- It is essentially a different data collection methodology, with special benefits for those interested in testing fewer applications and do not need as much in-depth information as the CLT. Importantly, the online test is quantitative so the results are fully projectable to the entire U.S. Hispanic market, unlike focus groups which are qualitative and less reliable. 
Why So Important and Relevant – Many U.S. marketers view the Hispanic market still as simply another segment to reach with an overarching brand theme or message, and hence have rather limited budgets for testing and don’t require a real comprehensive assessment (e.g. fewer questions). For these situations, Latin Pulse internet testing offers an excellent option that is more cost effective (e.g. less expensive than 2-3 focus group sessions), and as accurate, flexible and quick (toplines within 2 days) as Central Location Testing. Common applications include testing of concepts, advertising, packaging, promotions and even Usage & Attitude studies. Latin Pulse’s special diagnostic models can also be used with this online test: E-Factor, S.O.T.A. Analysis, Reach Analysis (T.U.R.F.), Price Sensitivity and Volume Projections.

How It Works – Recruitment covers the entire U.S. Hispanic population, or could focus on designated markets with concentrated Hispanic consumer populations. We have worked with the top internet data base suppliers to compile a truly representative panel of Hispanic consumers, including the tough-to-reach less acculturated consumers. This rich panel allows for access to any specific target sub-segment, even Hispanic children under 18 years old (can go through parents when desired). The same Latin Pulse computer testing methodology used in CLT is simulated for online testing, where each participant spends about 20-25 minutes answering questions at home. This test methodology uses the 11-point Juster Scale (3 times more accurate than the 5-point scale), which allows for more efficient use of smaller sample sizes (over 100), while still retaining its projectability advantage.

Key Benefits for Hispanic Marketers – For those situations that do not warrant extensive testing, the Latin Pulse Internet Test offers excellent value - lower cost with the same high level of accuracy and reliability. Test results are evaluated against the Latin Pulse normative data base (over 2,500 marketing ideas and applications tested in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic markets), and receive grades for rating purchase probability, new & different and price/value, combined with an overall grade. In addition, quick results allow for faster decision-making, it is flexible enough to probe likes/dislikes using a qual-quant approach, and it is ideal for identifying and analyzing new consumer insights

Both quantitative research methods produce rich diagnostics that are fully projectable to the marketplace, validated by a constantly updated database and customized to fit the specific needs of our clients.
Importantly, we go beyond the typical “go/no go” criteria and offer a comprehensive, in-depth analysis for building your brand as we combine our extensive marketing expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Latin consumer’s in different markets.

We also offer other forms of qual/quant research techniques to complement our projects.

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