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How Latin Pulse Ad Testing is Different – All good advertising testing measures the communication value (i.e. recall), persuasion (i.e. purchase intent) and distinctiveness (i.e. new and different).   Latin Pulse provides a richer analysis, projectable results and strategic recommendations that go beyond other ad testing approaches:

Emotional Appeal – The biggest advantage from Latin Pulse is its proprietary E-Factor for diagnosing the emotional response for each ad.  Importantly the feelings actually elicited through the four step evaluation process and open-ended questioning can be constructively compared to meaningful benchmarks: the advertising objectives for desired emotional reactions, previous advertising, the emotional profile for the brand and relevant emotional category drivers in the marketplace.

Advertising Ratings – Consumer ratings on persuasion, likeability, credibility, fit with brand, and distinctiveness are provided, based on our large, validated database of previous advertising test results.  These ratings are invaluable for determining the overall probability of success in the market place.  The Latin Pulse ad testing can be customized for all advertising media/types: TV, print, radio, website, cinema, etc., even in animatic, storyboard or other rough cut formats.
Consumer Diagnostic Profile – With the growth of micro marketing techniques to reach specific consumer segments, it is imperative to learn more about the behavior and habits of each target customer.  Our approach enables us to determine which elements of the advertising appeal most to every type of consumer, with additional comparisons to their media exposure, purchasing behavior and other key values.

Professional Marketing Advice – The most appreciated benefit for our clients is our real-business analysis that includes fresh ideas, a new perspective, and recommended solutions to client issues.  The Latin Pulse team has spent most of their careers managing businesses with bottom line responsibilities, so we not only tell you what the data means but also what we would do with the results if it were our business.


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