Attitudes & Usage

Marketplace products do not exist in a time capsule. The competitive landscape is constantly changing. What you “knew” about your consumer and your competitors as recently as a year or two ago may already be out of date.

Everyday consumers are exposed to experiences and advertising that modify their perceptions about your category: new choices introduced by direct and indirect competitors, new trends, social and political influences, economic pressures and changing lifestyles. All of these can have an impact on your brand’s position in the minds and hearts of your consumers.

We provide a fast, efficient, affordable diagnostic of your category, as it is today and where it might evolve in the future.

Our methodologies and in-depth diagnostics can provide information on the following critical areas:
    • Brand Awareness / Attitudes: How does your brand compare to competition particularly in those areas that are important to consumer.
    • Advertising Awareness / Attitudes: Are you emphasizing the right benefits in your brand’s advertising and how does it stack up vs. your competition.
    • Consumer usage / Satisfaction: Identifies those consumers that are using your product and your competition, why and when they are using it and how they perform against their needs and expectations.
    • Consumer profile: Our methodology can identify the different psychodemographic profiles and category consumption habits of your consumers as well as those of your competition so you can develop effective marketing strategies and programs.

It is important to understand and learn from past performance, but it is even more important to understand where to take your brand going forward.

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