Brand Equity Optimizer

The ultimate objective of all marketing efforts should be strengthen brand equity, - i.e. the value of your brand to consumers and its ability to build customer loyalty.  Understanding the essence of your brand is vital for successful growth initiatives and brand extensions. 


Our equity research probes deeply to assess current brand equity, evaluate personality and emotional traits of your brand, reveal new consumer insights, identify potential growth opportunities and prioritize target consumer segments.  Research can include brand mapping with comparisons to competition and category drivers, and performance analyses against consumer expectations (category and competition).


If you have doubts regarding the value of your brand’s positioning and are searching for a more precise and actionable methodology, our Brand Equity Optimizer offers the most precise equity measurement tool available today – one that challenges conventional thinking, assesses all components of equity and does it effectively for all brands.


Our methodology normalizes the effects of awareness and usage to better account for “ownership” of equity dimensions - regardless of your brand size and present value.


The application of different quantitative and qualitative diagnostics will help our clients to better understand:
  1. The degree of equity ownership and how to best leverage an equity advantage
  2. The relative fit across brands in categories
  3. How to best defend against competitive threats to your brand’s market position
  4. Market potential of a new, strengthened positioning
  5. Recommendations for brands by category

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