Concept/Positioning Optimizer

A New Approach for Concept Testing – This is a superior approach as it goes beyond simply providing data tables and a reporting of facts for a complete assessment of the trial and brand building potential of new ideas.

The wealth of diagnostic data generated by this AcuPoll system includes an in-depth profile of top priority consumers, with correlations to assess their expected interest and purchase of new concepts.

Why Consider this Unique Approach – Developing new product/service concepts or re-positioning a brand is perhaps the most challenging, yet most important contributor for sustained business growth.

The use of focus groups can be helpful for initial concept exploration, but the risk of getting misleading impressions and conclusions usually opens the door for considering more reliable research.
Total brand building approach with analyses such as SOTA (Source of trial), equity impact and optimal pricing is critical for marketing planning.

Latin Pulse can grade and accurately project concept results based on its normative database of over 4,000 ideas tested with consumers during the past 18 months, which is constantly upgraded and has been fully validated by actual in-market experience.

 What else can the Latin Pulse Concept Testing Do – our proprietary research methodology produces such varied and rich data, all quantitative, that it offers several essential business development benefits:

Price/Value Analysis – Value is a function of the price and the perceived quality of a product/service.  Latin Pulse uses a special technique to find the optimal pricing for new product concepts, and hence value, which is based primarily on their reaction to the perceived quality of the concept itself.

BrainSCAN – In our intensely competitive world with growing diversity and more targeted media available, it is essential that each marketer gain a complete understanding of the demographic and psychographic profile of their high potential consumers.  The Latin Pulse BrainSCAN diagnostic model provides such an in-depth assessment.

Volumetric Projections – Working with the client, Latin Pulse can predict the likely trial, repeat purchase and sales volume of select concepts.

Cannibalization Risks – The growth of brand extensions, while usually more cost effective, can present significant risks for eroding the parent brand franchise, which Latin Pulse examines closely with recommended solutions for such vulnerabilities. 

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