What Is the e-Factor®? – It is a propriety research model specifically designed to measure the emotional reactions to critical brand building initiatives – e.g. advertising, packaging, new concepts, brand names/tag lines, promotions, brand imagery, etc.  This model is based on the emotional profile index developed by a leading social psychologist, Robert Plutchik [1], which identifies 8 basic emotions that serve as the foundation for all human emotions.  Each of these eight primary emotions are further defined by 6 sub-emotions of varying intensity, to more fully understand and analyze how consumers feel about the marketing stimuli presented to them.

Why So Important and Relevant – Only an emotional benefit fulfills the ultimate need for self actualization, critical for creating a compelling, distinctive brand.

  • Strong brands have an intense, emotional connection with the consumer. 
  • Loyalty is built on feelings for a brand that go beyond a rational interest in how a product performs. 
  • The key opportunity for brands is to develop a meaningful emotional relationship with consumers.

How It Works – E-Factor will measure how well your brand/marketing bonds emotionally with consumers, and how to strengthen this important emotional connection.

  • Goes beyond the normative measurements for communication, purchase behavior and distinctiveness.
  • Uses a four step process which covers initial emotional reactions, then probes for more specific feelings and why they felt that way.
  • Includes open-ended questions so all possible emotional responses are identified.  The results are quantitative and hence projectable to the marketplace.

Key Benefits for Marketers –

  • Enables clients to evaluate and improve upon the emotional profile of their brand, the essential component for building compelling brands.  
  • Provides actionable insights on the current brand image, whether/how marketing initiatives enhance the brand, and can even uncover emotional “market gaps” versus competition and key category/consumer desires for new product development.

[1] Robert Plutchik (US, 1927-2006) Professor of Psychology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and recognised for his contribution in researching human emotions. He is the author of the theory: “Emotion; a Psychoevolutonary Synthesis (1980)

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