The initial stages of new product development are critical, because inadequate screening and diagnosis can result in exorbitant costs and higher failure rates.  In the beginning it is important to obtain clear and preferential feedback on the core elements of a new idea – the basic insight behind the idea and the benefit it can offer.  This is why we developed Germinator, to reduce these risks of unnecessarily high costs and to enable clients to better determine the relative potential of these initial concepts/ideas.
Germinator is a new, innovative research methodology for quickly and inexpensively assessing these initial mini-concepts (called “Seedlings”).  Because it is so accurate, clients can reduce these risks during the pivotal early stages and ensure that those concepts with the greatest potential receive top priority attention.  At the same time, clients can eliminate or put “on the back burner” those less compelling concepts.  In short, Germinator takes the guesswork out of these preliminary assessments, and lets the consumer select the most promising ideas.
How does Germinator® work?

 These concept Seedlings are structured to highlight the essential components of the initial idea:  the insight behind it and the benefit for the consumer.  By focusing on these core elements, Germinator will ensure single-minded consumer attention and clear feedback that will provide a rank order rating on the potential of these ideas.  This priority listing and assessment will enable the client to more efficiently apply future resources and time for further refinement and development.
The Seedlings
Insight Strength
Seedling Strength
Seedling A 1 Strong Above average
Seedling B 2 Strong Above average
Seedling C 3 Strong Average
Seedling D 4 Average Average
Seedling E 5 Weak Below average
Seedling F 6 Weak Disaster

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