Other Applications

Brand Elasticity or “Stretch” – Most growth initiatives today come in the form of brand or product line extensions versus completely new products – they’re faster, cheaper and usually less risky. The likelihood for success often depends on the strength of the “parent brand”, but a critical issue will always be the degree of cannibalization. 

Latin Pulse brand elasticity testing will tell you how far you can stretch a brand for such extensions without seriously jeopardizing its integrity.  It can also identify and prioritize optimal expansion opportunities and quantitatively measure the risks of brand erosion and/or net sales gains you can expect.

Cinema Testing – This product was especially developed for the film industry where the critical challenge for understanding consumer reactions to cinema is to simulate the environment for such captive viewing. Latin Pulse’s central location testing is ideal for such a test simulation, measuring the immediate reactions by consumer segments. This unique testing methodology provides clear direction for final film editing and selection of scenes to develop promotional carriers and advertising. This product is also used to evaluate T.V. programs and soap operas.

Car Clinics – As auto offerings and competition become more intense automobile companies are constantly seeking new marketing strategies to generate greater interest in their products. Latin Pulse’s Car Clinics are an effective way to understand consumers’ needs and desires and provide an opportunity for onsite product evaluation with real time monitoring of responses.


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