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“It’s All In The Packaging” – This common expression best explains how critical packaging (and a new name) is, especially for reaching out to new consumer segments. The package is often the first line of communication for most consumers (e.g. seeing it in a store for the first time), as well as being a constant re-enforcement of the brand identity (e.g. seeing it every day at home). It creates an immediate impression that is usually long-lasting as well, and helps define a brand’s emotional appeal. Therefore developing and testing a package that best reflects the product’s desired brand imagery for your target customer is essential.

Elements Worth Testing – There are many facets of a new package, all-working together to create a cohesive and strong impression, so they all must be carefully researched, individually and holistically.  Latin Pulse can thoroughly diagnose this complex brand communicator for you, by quantitatively measuring and assessing (versus competition, if desired):

  • Graphic design - immediate impressions and reactions.
  • Colors – the most memorable component in the communication hierarchy
  • Copy – clarity and relevance
  • Name/Logo – how well it communicates the brand message
  • Shape and Size – including structural design and in-home functionality
  • Price/value – perceptions and expectations
  • Communication/Impact at Retail – ability to break through shelf clutter
  • Brand imagery – how well it communicates brand benefits and values
  • Targeted Appeal – for highest potential customers
  • Overall Appeal – purchase intent, new and different, originality, etc.
  • Emotional Connotations – how consumers are emotionally engaged by package

How Latin Pulse Package Tests are Different – There are three unique features of our customized tests for packaging that are really important to clients:

Shelf Impact – immediate impression and recall of various package ideas
Brand Building Potential – measure how well all the packaging components work together to communicate key brand benefits
Emotional Appeal – using E-Factor to test how effectively a package will bond with

Professional and Actionable Analysis – Learning what works is “half the battle”. Equally important is what to do about it.  We have extensive experience in building brands where packaging plays the most vital role for creating the critical emotional bond with consumers.  We offer new ideas on how to improve the packaging, based on these diagnostic test results.  Importantly, we will share what we learned from similar product/package testing in other categories, so the client can gain a fresh, outside perspective for this vital creative endeavor.

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