Promotion Optimizer

Before investing a great deal of money and time into the final development or execution of a consumer promotion, ideally you want to predict the effect on purchase/sales and the brand image beforehand.  We gauge the consumer impact of new promotions, offering new insights on how to improve its value and distinctiveness and assigning ratings for trial, new & different, ease of compliance, plus an overall grade.


Our Promotion Optimizer model goes beyond the traditional “Go/No go” testing to positively identify the Brand Building potential of your promotion initiatives by including in every analysis.
  • Degree to which consumers will be motivated to buy into the promotion.
  • Degree to which promotions will attract new or “less frequent” users to your franchise.
  • Appeal of prizes/ offers, ease of understanding, ease of compliance, meaningfulness/ relevance.
  • The degree to which consumers think the promotion helps build your brand equity´.
  • Likelihood consumers think your promotion will stand out in the marketplace.
  • Recommendations on how to improve and strengthen promotions.

The strength and confidence of our normative measures coupled with quantitative/ qualitative techniques provide a complete value assessment of a promotion idea. Our diagnostics will help you understand how a promotion impacts the market, your brand and its equity. If improvements are needed to strengthen a promotion, we will provide the guidance and recommendations to achieve this.

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