Total Offer Test

Marketing is a complex discipline with many variables interacting with each other that will ultimately determine success.  Smart market research helps to reduce the uncertainty of these dynamics, including unexpected reactions by consumers, and enables a client to better understand the full potential of a new product/service initiative.

 “Total Offer Test” was designed to measure the complete impact of all these dynamics in the marketing mix – concept/idea, positioning, product performance, packaging, advertising, etc.  It is a unique and powerful research tool that tests all these interactive marketing elements in a single consumer research session.  Importantly it reflects the real world, as it uses a representative and projectable sample of consumers to understand their perceptions, emotional feelings and the credibility of a full product offering.  This feedback is then summarized with actionable, predictive diagnostics like purchase interest and trial potential.

Furthermore “Total Offer Test” provides the flexibility for evaluating various elements of the marketing mix individually and even projecting the potential sales volume of a new idea.  Another important indicator of success is the uniqueness of an idea.  Unlike most other research models, this comprehensive test fully examines how differently it is perceived from competition, and within the context of purchase probability indicators.
In summary, no other research tool can provide such a complete and accurate test that offers flexibility, in-depth analysis of individual components, and confident projectability.  By testing such a varied combination of marketing elements at once, “Total Offer Test” also proves to be very cost efficient.

 Our expert marketing executives analyze results from different perspectives to provide actionable business building recommendations.

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