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Customized Testing – We feel strongly about the importance of developing products that truly fit the special needs, tastes and desires of targeted consumers. A brand is essentially a promise to the consumer, and the product (and package) must deliver on this promise. It is crucial to get this right.  Latin Pulse understands the complexity and vital importance of these issues, so it offers a variety of formats and approaches that can meet every specific client need.

Product Testing Options – Our flexibility for adapting our research methodology is best reflected in the different types of product/taste testing, including examining usage for different forms and comparisons to competition, that we can offer:

  • In-Home – seeding products with detailed instructions where consumers can try a product in their natural environment monitoring their experience over a certain time period, and subsequently analyzing their full responses.
  • In-Session – allowing consumers to test a new product under our direct supervision which minimizes any distraction and errors, ensuring we get immediate, untainted reactions that are always the most representative of what will happen in real life.  This offers maximum control.
  • With Concept – can be conducted either in-home or in-session, this approach carefully replicates real world situations and determines how well a product delivers on the expectations from the concept claims.  This approach can also be used with advertising and/or package designs instead of just concepts.
  • Qual/Quant – our methodology can also integrate focus groups with select participants, either before or after a full central location session, to help prioritize testing options and/or examine reasons for consumer reactions.  This enhances the effectiveness of the open-ended questioning.

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